Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Politics in Upper Nola

At long last I have a map of Arman’s world I’m satisfied with. I sketched it out a couple days ago, and it looks great. For me, anyway. I’ll scan it and post it here this evening, so artists can look at it and make fun of me.**

In the meantime, I want to share something huge that hit me while I was drawing this map. Geography has a huge influence on politics. Doesn’t it? Maybe that’s not a revelation for the whole world, but it sure was for me. Resources are integral to both.

It makes things interesting for Arman. He lives in the most dominant country in Upper Nola: Gyrden*. It’s perfectly placed. It's right along the western coast, and includes fertile plains and two big rivers. It doesn't include a little ore-rich mountain range, but with all the mining colonies it's sent there, it might as well own it. 

A long time ago, Gyrden got good at farming. So much good, in fact, that it expanded and became the alpha male in a world constantly threatened by war. With Gyrden’s agricultural dominance came peace, and trade. Two other countries got in on the trading game early enough that they, too, rose with Gyrden: Bolfuir and Horoan. These are the Big Three. They’re going to be very important in The Quest. All the other countries are smaller, less advanced, and trying so hard to be like them.

When Arman sets out to warn these guys about the Nameless One and get them into Menemaeus’ alliance, things happen, especially in Horoan. Gyrden and Bolfuir are big, fat states. They’re not quite as innovative and powerful as they used to be. There’s at least one person who would be only too happy to drive them in a corner and gain power over them. The Nameless One may be on the move, but so is greed and envy. 

*If this, or any other name (or idea) sounds stupid, tell me. You have no idea how important your feedback is to me.
** I am a perfectionist. I didn't put it up the evening after posting. I want to put just a few more details in before showing it off. Sorry if that frustrated anyone.

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